Let’s keep Denver a city we love to call home.

Passing 2A thru 2G is critical to protecting and improving our infrastructure so we aren’t stuck with the higher cost of major repairs down the road. Our Denver Bonds will fix our streets and create new ways to get around town; protect and revitalize our parks, playgrounds and recreation centers; increase access to health care; and maintain and repair our libraries, zoo, museums and theaters…all without raising our tax rates.

From building new fire stations to making it safer to bike or walk, 2A thru 2G are a responsible use of taxpayer dollars and a smart way to keep Denver a city that works for everyone.

Transportation and Mobility

Make it easier to get around town by repairing our streets and connecting our neighborhoods

Cultural Institutions

Protect and preserve our zoo, museums and theaters to continue to educate and engage residents with new ideas

Denver Health

Increase access to health care and deliver the best care to those who need it most

Public Safety

Keep Denver a safe and secure place to live and equip our first responders with the resources they need

Denver Public Libraries

Modernize our libraries to be safe and secure spaces to discover new information and experiences

Parks and Recreation

Fix and repair our parks and rec centers across the city and create new opportunities in underserved neighborhoods

Public Facilities

Repair and improve city service facilities to keep Denver an accessible city that works for all residents


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Our Denver is a coalition of individuals, local organizations and institutions (like the Denver Zoo, Denver Public Libraries, and neighborhood associations) working to pass 2A thru 2G so the city can repair and improve the infrastructure we use and keep Denver a great place to live.

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