Our Denver Bonds will support the critical role Denver Health serves in our community by creating a new Outpatient Medical Center so we can continue providing the best treatment for heart disease, cancer, mental health and other essential services for those who need care the most.

Meeting growing health care needs
The need for high-quality, affordable medical care in Denver is on the rise. Yet, space constraints and aging infrastructure are limiting Denver Health’s ability to meet this demand. Denver Health anticipates reaching capacity in many clinics by 2019, forcing patients into months-long wait lists and leaving many with treatable conditions to go without preventative medical care. A new Outpatient Medical Center will increase Denver Health’s capacity up to 50 percent.

Year that Denver Health expects to complete Outpatient Medical Center


Growth in clinic volume since 2015

Number of clinic visits projected in 2019

Delivering high-quality medical care
The new Outpatient Medical Center will increase Denver Health’s ability to offer essential treatment for heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other treatable illnesses in adults and children. The Outpatient Medical Center will centralize 17 medical specialty clinics, a surgery center, expanded pharmacy, lab services and radiology in one location – so everyone in Denver has easy access to high quality care.

Treatment for mental health care
The new Outpatient Medical Center will create new spaces for behavioral and mental health care. By expanding services and increasing the psychiatric unit, Denver Health can provide mental health care and treat substance abuse through ongoing relationships between health providers and patients.