Our Denver Bonds will modernize and update our public libraries to be safe and functional spaces for residents of all ages to engage with new information, ideas, and experiences.


Modernizing our libraries
These projects will modernize our libraries to create new ways for people to engage with information and ideas  New, engaging spaces, including community workspaces, technology labs and new learning areas for children will keep our libraries functional while protecting and preserving the experiences we’ve come to expect.

Total library projects

New children’s areas

New DIY Learning Labs

Safety and security improvements
Security upgrades will ensure libraries continue to be safe spaces for residents to engage with the resources they need. A renovation of the first floor at the Downtown Central Library will address significant security concerns, and new equipment at branches across the city will ensure libraries are safe spaces for all residents.

Updates and repairs at our libraries
New technology, redesigned workspaces and critical maintenance projects will allow our libraries to connect residents to the resources they need to thrive.