Transportation and Mobility

Our Denver Bonds will make it easier to get around town by repairing and improving our transportation infrastructure — whether you’re walking, driving, biking, or taking the bus, these projects will start to tackle congestion and make our streets safer for everyone.


Making our streets easier to get around:

These projects work together to help improve traffic flow, reduce the wear and tear on our vehicles and make it safer to get around. Our Denver Bonds will repave 287 miles of high-traffic roads and repair and replace outdated bridges.

Total transportation projects

Miles of streets repaved

Bridges repaired or replaced

Creating new transportation options

We can do more than fix and repair our streets to improve traffic flow and address congestion. Bus rapid transit along Colfax Avenue — one of our busiest streets — will save bus travelers up to 15 minutes on their commute. New bike bridges and 49 miles of bikes lanes will make it easier and safer to get around town.

Bus Rapid Transit users expected by 2035

Miles of protected bike lanes

miles of neighborhood bikeways

Improving pedestrian infrastructure

Intersection improvements and 28 miles of new sidewalks throughout Denver will create new connections among neighborhoods, bus stops and rail stations throughout the city.

Miles of sidewalk gaps filled

Intersection improved on Colfax Avenue

New bike and pedestrian bridges